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Services - General

At Total Fire Engineering, we apply the most advanced fire science and engineering technology to provide innovative and cost-effective fire safety solutions to various types of projects.

Our expertise focuses on the performance-based fire safety design covering the following:

  • Performance-based fire safety design
  • Smoke hazard management system design and analysis
  • Egress system design and analysis
  • Fire resistance adequacy analysis
  • CFD Fire growth and smoke movement modelling
  • Human behavior and egress modelling
  • Building code and standard compliance advice relating to fire safety
  • Third-party peer review
  • Building / Facility Management in Use Plan (MIUP)
  • Advice on appropriateness of fire products
  • Fire safety engineering research
Jetfan Simulation
Atrium Smoke Control

For new development:

Develop Concept Fire Safety Strategy

By involving us in the preliminary design stage, we can identify the areas where value engineering is possible through Performance-based fire safety design methodology.

Fire Engineering Brief (FEB) with stakeholders

During the FEB, we coordinate and communicate effectively with the client, design team and relevant stakeholders. This will ensure that an optimum fire safety design can be reached which allows design and operational flexibility whilst achieving cost savings.

By conducting successful FEB process, we ensure that the project progresses as scheduled without any hiccup at the later stage. We have an excellent track record of gaining approval from authorities including the FRNSW. Indeed, we always deliver a risk-free experience to our client.

Detailed fire risk assessment and documentation

We conduct robust fire risk assessment to demonstrate the compliance with the code and legislation for the proposed design. We deliver quality Fire Engineering Reports on time allowing the issue of CC (Construction Certificate) and the commencement of construction.

Construction support and final sign-off

We provide ongoing technical support services during construction stage. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ad-hoc BCA-compliance advice to certain issues;
  • Alternative Solutions to address any identified non-compliances;
  • Site inspection, witness commissioning tests and review design documentation and certificates to ensure that the proposed fire safety strategies are properly implemented.
  • Issue alternative solution conformance report to allow the issue of OC (Occupation Certificate)

For occupied buildings

Commercial fit-out

We provide practical and cost-effective solutions to suit the fit-out works while maintaining the level of fire safety.

Fire safety upgrade strategy

We provide practical and cost-effective solutions to address any fire safety deficiencies identified in an existing building or a fire order issued by the Council. Our solution will achieve the Performance Requirements of the BCA without necessarily fully complying with the prescriptive codes or the Order issued.

Management in Use Plan (MIUP)

We develop MIUP for high fire risk buildings / facilities such as shopping centers, exhibition centers, entertainment venue, stadium, educational facilities and health care facilities due to large number of population and/or large quantities of combustibles. MIUP provides facility managers a useful ‘know-how’ document with regards to the certification and maintenance requirements of building fire safe systems and the emergency management procedures. We prepare the MIUP using simple language that is easily understood by non-fire professionals.